How to create a setup for Penetration testing?

Here we are with about to start Penetration testing.
It’s time to start. Time your clocks.

Cybersecurity is a broad domain leading to ethical hacking, penetration testing which you’ll use to empower by bug bounty at a later stage. Too hard words?? Don’t worry we’ll be clearing them as we go ahead.

First things first

The first part is OS. You’ll need to choose an OS to start your testing journey in. You can choose any you like, but let me introduce you to Kali Linux. Why? Because it has the tools installed already that you need. It was developed by Offensive Security for such purposes. It’s convenient to find all the popular tools and varieties of services, networks, and devices. For the roadmap, we’ll be using Kali Linux. So, let’s start with the installation.

How to install Kali Linux?

There are 2 ways to do this.

  • Way 1: Install it as your PC’s main OS. Follow this, if you’re going this way.
  • Way 2: Install it using VM.
    1. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox.
    2. And download VirtualBox file for Kali.
    3. Start the VirtualBox, when it asks for the image, select the Kali VirtualBox file you downloaded.
    4. Keep going with default settings.
    Now, wait…. wait…. wait…. Once it’s ready, click on the Kali icon to start the Virtual Box.

Once you’re done by installing using anyway, set username and password to get started and your setup is ready!

Ready to dive into Penetration testing?

Alright, we have to set up ready. Now, it’s time to know your environment before you get into it. This kind of testing means testing a system for vulnerabilities by creating a simulated attack. You’ll basically mimic a real attack to find issues in a system. We gotta learn a few things before we actually get into using the tools or do the attacks.
1. How does computer encodes and understand data — Here
2. Basics of networking — Here
3. Little about HTML and CSS — Here

All this will help you to understand what and how things will work. Having basic knowledge will help you to grab them faster.

The next post will be on — Step 1 to hacking. So before we start that, let’s complete what we did above. Comment below when will you like to have the next blog and if you have not subscribed yet, what are you waiting for guys? Go ahead and subscribe. I’ll send you new content every weekend.


  • Install Kali Linux
  • Prepare yourself with the basics

Stay tuned! We’ll unveil all the chapters one by one, just stay motivated!

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