Since it's an illued space, everything is jumbled. Haox is illude hoax in terms of control on the internet world. It's a space where I share stuff I find when partnering with testers to understand why they think developers are nuts and with developers to find out why they curse testing.

But both of these entities can work together when you advocate the product instead of developer/tester biases because control is an illusion.

The practice ground

Any platform that brings pain on the developer's face. It could be some test website or products where I work. (To mention every trial is legal).

What's special?

I share my alternate uncommon opinions with the world-renowned opinions that exist in the programming world. It could be finding ways to use a feature in a not-so-right way, test strategies, and road maps to certain ways in testing. I don't listen to you until you say you test before sharing with the QA.

Who this is not for?

If you have any of the following traits, press the close button on the tab or press Ctrl + W.

  • You're good with things working on your system but not others
  • If you have a command button on your keyboard (because this is only vim friendly)
  • You think everyone can test
  • Keeping the same password - a hard one - everywhere it's called THE security for you
  • You will always test in production
  • You think you know testing
  • You think your website is safe
  • Your code is working as your expected code
  • You're coding for bots
  • You love your code. (believe me don't let this content give you mid-life crisis)

I think that's enough for now.     ‌

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